Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 Ways to Make Windows Faster

It seems like that everybody says the same thing to themselves; how to make windows faster? Trust me,    you are not alone on this. Millions and millions of computer users are affected by a slow computer eventually. There are many reasons as to way it becomes slow overtime from virus's to more programs being used on it. But are some ways to get started to make windows faster that anybody can do themselves. Here are 5 easy tips that you can start with.

1. Erase any unused filed and folders. This is the easiest thing you can right now. Go through all the filed and folders and ask yourself do I ever use or do I need this still? The reason why this works is because the more junk you have the more memory you have filled up which in turn bogs down your computer because is working harder with more files on it.

2. After step one you need to defrag your hard drive. You may not know what this is but it can do wonders for you. On windows xp you go to the start menu than accessories and find system tools and then select Disk Defragmenter. This will make sure your hard drive is organized and that information is easy to get to.
3. Remove infections. Make sure you have a good virus cleaner that can scan and remove and spyware and viruses. This should a tool that everybody has on their computer. Not does it remove harmful stuff will prevent it from happening.

4. Remove temporary internet files. This is an overlooked thing that many users forget about. Anytime you visit a website it stores files from the webpage and saves it. And overtime you will have thousand of files that are saved for no reason. This slow down your computer and your internet if it becomes too big.

5. The last and most effective way to make windows faster is to get a registry cleaner. The registry is huge database hidden in windows which records everything you do and have on your computer. And over 2-3 years it builds up so many useless entries and corrupted entries that is slows down everything on your computer from the internet to boot up time. A registry cleaner is easy to use, simply download it and run a scan of the registry and let it find those entries and delete them automatically. This usually has the biggest effect on computers.

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