Saturday, May 5, 2012

Windows 7 not responding

Users reported that Windows 7 is much slower than Windows XP or earlier versions. No response means that Windows 7 freezes and not responding to any input (including mouse clicks, keystrokes) by the user. When a program is not responding, MS Windows adds two additional words "(No Answer)" in the title bar of it.

Windows 7 may freeze in the following cases:
1.    Your computer doesn’t fulfill the minimum system requirements.
2.    Low disk space.
3.    Corrupted system files.
4.    Driver related issues.
5.    Due to scattered Windows Registry requiring Registry Defrag.
6.    Scattered hard disk drive data.

Your computer does not fulfill the Minimum System Requirements
Each version of Microsoft Windows, the software even comes with some types of system requirements. This includes minimum access memory (RAM), hard disk space, and processor, to name a few. If your computer does not meet any of these software or hardware components of Windows 7 cannot respond at the same time carrying out operations resources.

Low Disk Space
If you are operating into a Low Hard drive Area scenario, you must free it up now. The disk space, if situated by needless information and products, may become the cause of Ms Windows seven not replying in your program.

To clean the disk space, you can use a system cleaning software.

Corrupted System Files
The corruption in the system files may cause Windows 7 to freeze up. To restore the corrupted system files to their original states, use the System File Checker tool. What you need with you is the Windows 7 installation DVD ROM.

1. Insert Microsoft Windows 7 installation DVD ROM.
2. Press Windows Key + R.
3. Type SFC /Scan Now
4. Follow the on screen instructions.

Driver Related Issues
Defective or outdated driver can cause Windows 7 is not responding.The first thing to do is update all drivers (including graphics driver, sound driver, modem driver, and so on). Then ensure that no driver is marked with an exclamation point in Device Manager. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start.
2. Type Device Manager in the search box.
3. Find search results.
4. Develop all devices and ensure that no device is marked with an exclamation point. If 
    necessary, uninstall.

Defrag the Windows Registry
The system registry is the database that contains all the information about your computer, operating system, the profile of software, hardware and user and user settings. This is where sensitive data is stored by the operating system.

Fragmentation in the registry can cause freezing or not responding to Windows 7. Defragment the system registry using registry defragmentation software.

Defrag the Disk Drives
The hard disk fragmentation can make Windows 7 to freeze or not respond correctly. It is a tool called Disk Defragmenter installed on your operating system to defragment your hard drive and therefore improves system performance.

Here are the steps for you:

1. Click Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter.
2. Select all drives defragmented.
3. Click Defragment disk to start the process.

The above guidelines allow you to take measures if your Windows 7 is Not Responding and keep your Windows properly maintained. Prevention is the best medicine.

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