Saturday, May 12, 2012

Make Windows 7 look like XP

After 6 years of Windows XP, you've gotten used to certain conventions, and you miss the Start button and the classic start menu with all your programs listed within easy reach. If you're nostalgic for XP's interface, here are a few steps to make Windows 7 look like XP.

Instructions How to Get the Start Button Back

1.  Fire up your computer.
2.   Right-click on your Windows Vista desktop and select "Personalize."
3.   Double-click "Theme", which is the second-to-last on the list.
4.   Select "Windows Classic" from the drop-down box in the Theme Window.
5.   Click the "Apply" button to save your changes. Now Vista's starting to look a little more
      like XP.
6.   Right-click on the "Start" Button you just brought back in the lower-left hand corner of
      your screen.
7.   Select "Properties" in the menu that pops up.
8.   Go to the "Start Menu" Tab in the Properties window.
9.   Click on the radio button next to "Classic Menu."
10. Click on "Customize" to further alter the start menu to your liking. You can add and
      remove features like recent files or favorites, change icon sizes or add the "Run"
      command. Play around until it's to your liking.
11.  Right-click on the "Start" Button.
12.  Select "Properties."
13.  Select the "Start Menu" tab.
14.  Click on the radio button next to "Start Menu."
15.  Hit the "Customize" button.
16.  Click on the "Use Default Settings" button. This will revert all your Start Menu changes
       to the original Windows Vista Start Menu. Then click on "OK" to exit the "Customize"
17.  Click "Apply" to save your changes and exit out of the Properties window.
18.  Get rid of the Windows XP-style "Start" button by right-clicking your Vista Desktop and
       selecting "Personalize."
19.  Double-Click "Theme."
20.  Select "Windows Vista" from the drop-down.
21.  Click "Apply" and now your Windows Vista computer looks like a Windows Vista
       computer once again.

 These steps not only bring back the look of XP, but they also make Windows 7 faster.

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