Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Make Windows 7 Faster

Does your windows 7 run too slow? Do you want to make windows 7 faster but not pay much?
Here are some tips maybe help you!

Firstly, you need to know more about the hardware requirements of win 7. Windows 7 Release Date is 22nd October 2009, last Thursday. But I have tested the pre-release version of windows 7 on several desktops and laptops around my real store for months. And here are recommended hardware configurations by my test:

CPU: 2G or more (Dual Core or more is better)
Memory: more than 1G
Hard drive space: more than 20G ensure more than 5G free for the system cache!

If your computer meets these demands but still runs slow, you'd better optimize your win 7 right now! But don't worry; it is not difficult to make your window 7 faster! Here are some good tips:

1. Maintain Hard Drive Regularly
1.1 Keeping an eye on the hard drive space. Do not save big files in primary partition.
1.2 Regularly cleaning out unused files you no longer use.
1.3 Removing the applications correctly.
1.4 Checking errors on a regular schedule.
1.5 Defragmenting disk termly.

2. Enable Write Cache For Faster Your Windows 7

You should also enable the write cache of hard disk. Write caching means that Windows 7 doesn't flush changed data to the disk until the system is idle, which improves performance.

2.1 Click "Start" and point to "Search".
2.2 Input "device" into the search box and Press "Search".
2.3 Select "Device Manager" in the search results.
2.4 Open the Disk Drives branch.
2.3 Click the hard disk for its property sheet.
2.4 Activate "Enable Write Caching" on the Device check box.
2.5 For maximum performance activate the "Turn Off Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing on the Device" too.
2.6 Click "OK" for faster windows 7.

Hardware and software are the issues which slow Windows 7 computer down.
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